Yes you can!

Sometimes it only takes someone saying just the right thing, at just the right moment, to change a person's life forever.

A few weeks ago I was in a retail store talking to the salesman about an ATV. The conversation got around to real estate and the price of owning a home in BC. If you believe the news and all the papers or the on line rants about the crazy price of housing in BC, you are not getting the true story. Both Alex (the salesman) and his girl friend (Mollie) thought they had to give up the idea of owning their own house, after all everything they have heard and read said so. After a brief conversation of their current living situation, I told him I could help, that the whole story or the truth about home ownership in Vancouver or the Fraser valley is not being reported accurately. If it is sensational it reads, it gets the views, I don't blame the reporters, (I kinda do) it’s just the nature of reporting.

In literally under 2 minutes I found them a house, in their area, after work they drove by, loved it, called me that night. They put in an offer, got the house and it will be less expensive per month including taxes and utilities than they currently pay for rent. In fact it will be over $500.00 less when they factor in the savings in fuel and commuting costs.

I am pleased to say, Alex and Mollie will be moving into their new home on the 5th of March 2016. I hope this story will give the reader just enough of a push to help them find the courage to make home ownership a reality, pay yourself first.

If you want to know more of how I can ‘make this happen’ for you get in touch with me now!


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