Container City it is one possible solution

I saw something in the news yesterday about providing containers for housing. Councillor Melissa De Genova was out raged by the idea, she says she is a strong advocate for seniors and the community in Southeast Vancouver. I would like this post to get to her somehow. Councillor De Genova, our European cousins are so far ahead of us on the housing issue. Container or small housing design is gravely needed not only for the homeless population it should be incorporated in all municipal plans - seniors, students, anyone wanting a small affordable place to rent or own. Containers are a recyclable resource that needs to be utilized. Instead of melting them down or letting them sit in yards and rust away - DO SOMETHING WITH THEM the only thing that is needed is land and political will to make it happen. Every Municipality has land in their 'land bank' - it's time to make a withdrawal and donate some to the people. I believe it's time, I am not just a realtor, I am a co-founder and still sit on the Delta Seniors Planning Team.


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