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Repairs And Upgrades: How Much Will They Cost?

During the process of buying or selling a home, clients often learn about recommended or required repairs and upgrades. This can happen as a result of your Realtors' expert knowledge of the market and comparable homes as well as a pre-listing home inspection. Of course, the first thing clients want to know is, "How much will that cost?"

After 26 years in the Real Estate industry and more in construction experience, I have compiled Residential Construction and Remodeling Estimatescost guide, which provides estimated cost ranges for repair and/or replacement of the major systems and components in a home. It also includes general guidelines for the life expectancies of those systems. This information can help your clients make informed decisions when they're considering home repairs or improvements, and is valued by buyers and sellers alike.


When entering a home the first thing most people notice is the flooring, you want to make an impression cleanliness and quality.


Refinishing Hardwood                                                                    $3 - $6 / sq. ft

Carpet Cleaning                                                                             $125 / room

Ceramic Tile                                                                                   $6 - $20 / sq. ft


The heart of the home should show clean and be efficient.


Cabinet re-finishing                                                                        $30 - $60 per door

Cabinets                                                                                         $3,500 plus

Kitchen counter - laminate                                                             $45.00 / Ln ft

Kitchen counter - Marble/Granite                                                   $80 - $300 Ln ft

New and fresh paint should be in neutral or earth tone colours


Inside                                                                                             $125 per room

Outside                                                                                          $3,200 plus


Decks are an extension of your living space, they should be cleaned or pressure washed and repaired as required.

Exterior Decks

Pressure Treated                                                                          $15 - $30 sq ft

Custom Designed & Built                                                              $55 - $100 sq ft

Windows should be cleaned inside and out. If any seals have been broken replace the pains or if need be the entire window.


Skylight                                                                                          $800 and up

Casement - replace                                                                       $50 - $100 sq ft

Above is just a sampling of the list of estimated costs for hundreds of repairs/upgrades I have compiled. If you have a question regarding any repair or replacement inside or out, I can help. I also have a number of qualified bonded contractors, skilled trades and landscapers I have worked with over the years.

These estimates reflect the average basic costs for supplies and installation of building materials in Canada. Costs may vary depending on regions, upgrades, complexity, and disposal fees inn your area.


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